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For even the occassional bleeding, the bleeding symptoms must be treated first using H-Bl Hemorrhoids Formula.

Below, if you scroll down, you’ll find my Piles Pictures Gallery.  Some of the images are very graphic, but they can be helpful for you to determine whether what you are suffering might, in fact, be piles.  I have a write up on how to compare what is happening on your bottom to these picture, here.  You can scroll through the pictures by using the arrows to the bottom left and right of each picture.  If you do think that you have piles, don’t wait any longer than you need to until you start treating them.  The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll feel better.  I used H-Miracle to treat mine, and got relief within about 48 hours.  Click here to see if it could help you. Very briefly, I feel like I should say that some of the most common symptoms of piles can actually indicate other serious health issues. In particular, certain types of cancer can have many of the same symptoms as piles.  You shouldn’t be unneccessarily alarmed, but you should know when to call your doctor.  Consider consulting your family doctor if:

  • Anal or Rectal bleeding that happens randomly, i.e. when you are not on the toilet.
  • Your stools become very narrow.
  • You have severe constipation, diarrhea, or abdominal cramps or bloating.
  • Stools are of an unusual color, such as deep black.
  • There is any unusual discharge from the anus, such as pus.
  • A fever co-occurs with your rectal problems
  • Your piles are exceedingly tender.  Hemorroids may hurt, but should not be tender or sore.
  • Home treatment does not help after 1 week

Normally, bleeding caused by using the toilet when you have hemorrhoids should cease within 2 to 3 days.  Home treatment should cure your piles within 3-7 days.   In my experience, herbal remedies can actually take effect almost immediately.  I saw significant improvement after 2 days, and was almost symptom free after 5.  Make an appointment with your family doctor or proctologist if this isn’t the case.


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This picture depicts an abscess, rather than piles.

Imagine going through an entire day without itching. Imagine going to the bathroom without pain or bleeding. If you’re ready to stop the suffering using the product that I used, Click here to read more. H-Miracle Hemroid Relief   Do you suffer from hemorrhoids or piles? If you’ve felt the itching, the burning, and the discomfort of hemorrhoids for more than a few days, you’re ready for it to stop.  I highly recommend that you check out H-Miracle for relieving and curing hemorrhoids and piles. H-Miracle is a natural system that has helped over 75,683 people free themselves from the discomfort, pain, and embarrassment of piles. Click here to see if it is right for you.

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